I am, by all accounts, the least exciting person you will ever meet. I am not glamorous; instead, I have a closet and countless drawers full of clothes with virtually no one outfit I am particularly proud of. I am not a model; instead, I am overweight, in dire need of a lifestyle overhaul, and currently in even more dire need of a dye job and eyebrow wax. Furthermore, I am not the iconic career woman with her Dolce briefcase and her I-have-no-time-for-a-meaningful-relationship-so-get-out-of-my-way attitude; instead, I have my Master’s degree and work at a job that anyone with a high school degree could do.

Frankly, I am in no position to offer anyone advice. However, the articles, tips, diets, workouts, and advice found in various popular magazines are often far more preposterous and unrealistic than anything I could ever come up with. So I have set out on a mission to try to be a more crafty, chef-inspired, fledgling fashionista with real life tips and advice for my fellow simply par, yet fabulous women (and equally wonderful men) friends out there!  Lord, help me…


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