I Do…in 5 Years

So folks, I have some big news…I got engaged this week to my ever-so-wonderful boyfriend of almost six years! Although I knew this was our eventual next step, it didn’t take away any meaning from the special moment or the importance of the commitment it represents to each other. That being said, the first question we have already had to dodge is the inevitable, “So when is the big day?” Quite frankly, we have no idea. In fact, the night of our engagement as we were getting ready for bed, Lance said, “So I have to ask…do we want to set a date right away?” I quickly responded with, “No”.

In fact, I have friends and family who run the whole gamut of engagement durations. I recently had a friend get engaged who had her whole wedding planned in 7 days. On the opposite end, my dear older brother and his fiance have been engaged for almost 7 years with no wedding plans in sight. Perhaps surprisingly, my bro is becoming the norm. In an article in Marie Claire titled “Happily Ever Engaged”, the topic of more couples enjoying long-term-engagement-prenuptial-bliss was discussed.

Did you know that back in the 60’s, engagements often lasted only three to six months?! Now, I super love Lance, but there is no way that I’m gonna whip out a wedding that fast. To me, what’s the rush? On average in today’s world, it is normal and perfectly acceptable for women to be engaged in terms of years; which coincides with recent data suggesting that young adults are becoming more and more indifferent about marriage. No longer does a woman have to be married to avoid being called the “cat lady” or the “spinster next door”. No longer do women need to be married, or even in a relationship, to be financially comfortable.

Most have their reasons for delaying the big day: busy raising kids, paying a mortgage, paying off student loans, not wanting to marry until everyone has a right to marry, saving for the shindig (on average, weddings cost 30,000-70,000 buckaroos…o Daaaaaaddy) etc. To each their own! All that truly matters is that you are committed to one another. Long engagements don’t mean that a relationship is having troubles, and vice versa (Hello, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries). I look at my brother and his fiance and they are the picture of a great relationship. They are madly in love raising a 10-year-old together, paying off a house together, taking family trips together, and are more focused on making happy memories than feeling the need to put a ring on it ASAP.

Now, I don’t plan on staying engaged for as long as aforementioned sibling. BUT, I do know that I love my fiance (that still feels fantastic to say), I am committed to our future together and that is enough for me, quite frankly. A ring is simply a piece of jewelry. A wedding is simply a big party. A marriage license is simply a piece of paper. The relationship is what truly matters. So for those fretting over wedding planning or thinking that you are not on the path of what you should be doing…relax. Enjoy each other and this time in your lives for, hopefully, it will be the only time you are engaged and planning a wedding in your lifetime. Take it all in and don’t give a single thought to all those naysayers out there who keep putting pressure on you.

Funny Wedding Ecard: Pressure? Get married when you want. Your wedding's just one more day in my life I can't wear sweat pants.

Until next time…


A Month of Makeup Completed

So, as some of you may remember, about a month ago I discussed a study that in a nutshell said women who wear makeup are better than those who don’t. Ok, so maybe the terms weren’t quite that harsh but you get my drift. As a result of this, I, the girl who would prefer to never wear makeup and lounge in my sweats all day, decided to wear makeup every day for a month to see if it made a difference in…well, anything.

The first thing I noticed was that I went through far more face cleaning wipes and cotton pads, toner, face wash and eye makeup remover since I now had to wash my face every night. The second thing I noticed was that I was flying through my makeup at an incredible rate since it usually takes me months and months to ever complete a tube of lipstick, a compact of powder, etc. Ugh, first world problems. On the bright side, as mentioned in one of my previous Month of Makeup updates, I also felt a bit more accomplished at the end of the day knowing that I had at least hurdled one task…so sad.

Coincidentally, however, my month-long makeup adventure ended on the same date that my new job began. That’s right, people, I am no longer unemployed and living the life of Peter from Forgetting Sarah Marshall after his heart is broken (lounging in my pj’s all day, eating huge bowls of cereal, singing sad songs about myself to make the time pass, etc). That being said, I now HAVE to wear make-up on a daily basis…well, I suppose I don’t have to, but I would never submit my co-workers to such horror.

In conclusion, after a month of makeup I didn’t notice anything different in how I presented myself, how people interacted with me, or how I was perceived. Basically, it just caused me to be annoyed that I had to cake this crap on my face every day which resulted in smudges on my pillows and an increase demand of face products when I had no money to begin with.

Take away message? Fail. Wear make-up if you want to. Wear it how you want to. Who cares how others perceive you as long as you perceive yourself as trustworthy and competent (terms used in the study). Those who love you for you aren’t going to care if you have eyeliner on or not. And those who would care?…Um, ew. Get rid of ’em.

Until next time…