A Month of Makeup

After watching the most recent season of “The Bachelorette” I am convinced that God, for reasons I am not yet aware of, blesses some women with looks that allow them to wake up in the morning looking like they just stepped off of a photo shoot. I imagine Emily Maynard, the aforementioned Bachelorette, to wake up every morning with a halo of sun around her perfectly groomed blonde locks, her skin looking so flawless that it appears as though she walks around with a Photoshop screen in front of her face, and a chorus of angels singing “hallelujah” as she stretches her tiny little body. (Of course the veneers, nose job, and breast enlargement doesn’t hurt either, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Emily Maynard

I, on the other hand, am not so lucky. There are many-a-mornings when I wake up and want to moan in horror at the appearance that is terrifyingly reflected back at me in the mirror. Those who boldly go out with me in public when I’m sans makeup deserve serious praise and acknowledgement (when they aren’t hiding behind a shelf or counter to appear as though they surely cannot be with me. Ok, so I exaggerate. Kinda.). Some days, I just find it simply daunting to attempt to mold the canvas that is my face into something more beautiful. Unfortunately, even after I slap on a fresh coat of makeup, (which I assure you, rarely happens; especially when unemployed) I find the after not looking too different from the before image.

Which led me to literally say out loud, “O crap.” while reading a recent study conducted at Harvard and funded by P&G in Elle. In a nutshell, the researchers studied individuals’ reactions to women who were barefaced and those in varying levels of makeup and found that those wearing makeup were more likely to be perceived as amiable, trustworthy, and competent. And women who opted for a more glamorous look were perceived as more competent than women who prefered a more natural look. Essentially, other people see you differently when you are wearing makeup.

So what does this mean? I’ll tell ya what it means. It means I’m screwed. The most glamorous I get is applying an extra coat of mascara. I want to know, personally, if makeup really does work and if other people really will see me differently so I am going to wear makeup every single day for a month. I am going to put it on even if I am simply going to the gas station for a fresh bag of beef Jerkey. Even if I am just going to lounge around with my manfriend and be a slob. Even if it kills me..and it just might. I will update you throughout the month on any breaking revelations I encounter along the way, as well as post new blogs as well. Stay tuned folks.

I decided to end this blog with some less than appealing pics of celebrities without makeup. Until next time…


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